True Brother Initiative

  • True Brother Initiative

    Lambda Chi Alpha General Fraternity recognizes its role as an educational institution, partnering with colleges and universities in providing key elements in the journey of personal, manly development. The True Brother Initiative is a comprehensive concept of Associate Member, Brother, and Alumni Development rolled out by Lambda Chi Alpha General Fraternity in 2007. The Initiative explicitly and publicly states the seven core values of Lambda Chi Alpha:

    Further, the Initiative prescribes ways that these core values should be used in every aspect of life within the fraternity, for individual members as well as for the chapter, from Recruitment, Associate Member Education, Pre-Initiation week activities and through the initiation ritual-all functions of the brotherhood referred to as the Outer Circle. 

    It is no coincidence that the initials of the seven core values are an abbreviated version of the word "LeaDeRSHIP." Once a man has learned and applied Lambda Chi Alpha's seven core values as an Associate Member and/or as an initiated brother, the next step of the journey begins: learning and fulfilling the four roles of Brotherhood: Faithful Steward, Servant Leader, Leader of Character, and Lifetime Brother. Not every brother will fully understand or integrate his understanding of these four roles - but every Associate Member and Initiated Brother strives to gain a pure, true understanding of what it means to be a True Brother. 

    One aspect of the True Brother Initiative that makes it stand above all other programs in the fraternity world is that the Initiative does not stop with the induction ritual. Once inside the Inner Circle, Lambda Chi Alpha recognizes that the development of the man and the brother should continue throughout a man's time as an undergraduate and his entire life. The True Brother Initiative offers additional tasks that are designed to engage the initiated brother in further developmental, applied tasks that may be undertaken to enhance his personal development as well as his understanding and application of the four roles of brotherhood. Accomplishing these tasks and gaining greater understanding of these roles is recognized and celebrated by additional ritualistic ceremonies that are drawn from the original research, direction and intent of our early founding fathers. 

    Throughout the entire Initiative, both Outer Circle and Inner Circle elements, learning is based on a model of Continuing Education/Knowledge, Experiential Learning/Skill Building, and Personal Growth and Reflection, all leading to Adopting the True Brother Identity.


    Lambda Chi Alpha's Seven Core Values


    Establishes the correct order of our obligations and commitments. Unswerving allegiance to the organization and its laws, ideals, and defining principles prevents us from misplacing our loyalties. 


    Delineates the sum total of all laws, rules, and customs that make up our organizational, civic, and moral obligations. Our values originate with duty because we expect individuals, as a minimum, to fulfill their obligations. We often expect individuals to exceed their duty, especially in ethical matters. 


    Denotes the regard and recognition of the absolute dignity that every human possesses. Specifically, respect indicates compassion for and consideration of others, including sensitivity to and regard for the feelings and needs of others. 

    Service and Stewardship 

    Service before self signifies the proper ordering of priorities. The welfare of the organization comes before the individual's. While the focus is on service to Lambda Chi Alpha and broader communities, the idea also incorporates the concept of stewardship, of holding something of value in trust for others. 


    Describes the complex of all values that make up the public code of the individual. Significantly, honor provides the motive for action and demands adherence to a public moral code, not protection of reputation. 


    Encompasses the sum total of a person's set of values - his private moral code. A breach of any of these values will damage the individual's integrity. Integrity, closely related to the word integer, refers to a notion of completeness or wholeness. 

    Personal Courage 

    Depicts the premier virtue that enables us to persevere despite fear, danger, or adversity. Personal courage includes the notion of taking responsibility for decisions and actions. Additionally, it involves the ability to perform critical self-assessment, to confront new ideas and to change. 

    True Brother Initiative

    The True Brother journey is designed to support the successful development of young men, understanding the significant developmental tasks of this period of life, maximizing the positive influence of peers and mentors, and moving our brothers towards an increased capacity for self-reflection and self-awareness, empathy, altruism, and intimacy. 

    This program sets up goals of leadership, stewardship, learning and service, and explicates a range of core values associated with being a true brother, which when pursued, leads toward a better tomorrow for Lambda Chi Alpha.